CVCH is your complete medical home during  pregnancy, delivery and post delivery care. We have an outstanding prenatal care program with four certified nurse midwives to support you and your family with personalized pregnancy care from the first sign of pregnancy through delivery. 

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How will I pay for this?

After the initial excitement around your pregnancy, this may be your very first question. Our midwives will connect you to our financial specialists who will conduct a comprehensive analysis and assist you with your financial application for services. If eligible, you will receive your Medical Coupon/Insurance in approximately 10 days. If you are not eligible, our billing department has a “Prenatal Package” and we will work with you on a sliding fee scale and payment plan.

How do I get started?

Upon learning the results of your pregnancy test, our providers will schedule an appointment for you with our prenatal team. You will discuss your complete health history (medical and family health history, pregnancy history, genetics) and assess risk factors. Early screenings help identify potential problems early and our team will assist in making referrals to ensure you the best of medical care, attention and support.

What will my medical coupon pay for?

Your Medical Coupon/Insurance will pay for multiple prenatal visits, OB ultrasounds, lab testing, vitamins, and more. We offer prenatal trimester education to help you adapt to your changing condition. We offer breastfeeding education in conjunction with our WIC department, who will provide excellent nutritional education for you and your growing baby and assist with breastfeeding support. We offer parenting education - teaching you how to bathe, hold, dress and care for your newborn. We will walk you through the steps of caring for your newborn so you can be as prepared as possible when the big day arrives.

How do I care for my baby?

The first week after delivery can be a scary and stressful time for new parents. The CVCH Midwifery team will be there to support you in the first days and weeks after delivery. You can count on us to be there for you, to listen and provide whatever support you need.

CVCH is your complete primary care medical home throughout your pregnancy.  We have board certified doctors who can conduct dated ultrasounds on site. Another benefit of being a CVCH prenatal patient is your ability to receive dental care throughout your pregnancy up to 2 months post-partum. Your medical coupon/insurance will cover these visits to our dental clinic. Click here to learn more.

During your pregnancy, you will experience many changes. We screen patients for depression and anxiety-related issues. We offer same-day assessments with our Behavioral Medicine Department who can help with issues ranging from marital counseling, depression, substance abuse to domestic violence.

Our Diabetes and Nutrition Program is available to help you control diet and exercise throughout your pregnancy. If you have or are at risk for diabetes, our staff will help you manage your condition.

Our WIC department is a supplemental nutrition program for Women, Infants and Children under five. It improves the health and nutrition of pregnant mothers, new mothers and their children. Click here to learn more.