Non-Employee EHR Access


Requesting remote access to CVCH EHR

The CVCH Remote Access Provider Portal is for authorized provider use only.  Any attempt to access the portal by unauthorized persons is a violation of federal law.

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Apply for Access
If you are a local healthcare provider partner, we invite you to apply for remote access to the CVCH systems. Click here to download and complete the Remote Access Application for non-CVCH providers.

Please complete the application and route to your supervisor. Once you've obtained your supervisor's signature, please route to your organization's Site Representative, to confirm that you area a member of their organization and access to the CVCH sytems is appropriate.  

Please note: This page and the Remote Access Agreement are only to be utilized by other healthcare provider partners.  Patients are invited to utilize the CVCH Patient Portal to access healthcare records. Click here for more information on the patient portal.