Partnering to achieve optimal health and wellness with compassion and respect for all.

CVCH is a valued and sustainable community partner providing high quality, integrated, innovative and barrier-free healthcare. We practice and model healthful living and provide an environment where patients and employees feel inspired, welcomed, supported, and respected. 

Executive Team

David Olson, Chief Executive Officer
Manuel Navarro, Chief Operations Officer
Danielle Noell, Chief Administrative Officer
Mike Romine, Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Malcolm Butler, Chief Medical Officer
Sarah Wilkinson, Human Resources Director
Blake Edwards, Behavioral Health Director
Dr. Jeffery Hinckley, Dental Director

Board of Directors

Name Area of Expertise  Office Held
Kristina Stepper Marketing Consultant President
Laura Leon Public Transportation Vice President
J.R. Cano Faith Community  Secretary
Robert Scott, Jr. Attorney Treasurer 
John Swenson Retired Pharmacy Administrator At-Large
Loly Larson Job Service Specialist  
Michael Machado Commercial Lending Banker  
Dusti Mahoney YWCA/Nonprofit Programs  
Evelyn Mejia Education  
Sasha Sleiman Community Relations