Behavioral Medicine


CVCH is committed to providing cutting edge services for their patients at their time of need. The Department of Behavioral Medicine (BMed) was designed to allow Primary Care Providers to contact the Behavioral Medicine Consultant (BMC) when needed. This can be a simple meet and greet or helping patients deal with more complex types of issues (new diagnosis, diabetes, asthma, panic, depression, pain, etc.). The focus is on whatever the patient presents with that is impairing their function or their ability to be compliant with medical recommendations.

These warm handoff visits from the medical provider to the BMC are designed to take the stress out of receiving care and meeting new providers. Patients will find this wrap around service efficient, effective, and helpful for managing a range of issues from health related to mood related concerns. Appointments are in the same building as medical, so making and keeping appointments has become that much easier. This service is offered at both Wenatchee and Chelan clinics. Appointments are brief in duration (20-30 minutes) with usually less than 6 appointments depending upon the need of the patient. More extensive service requirements can be referred to either of CVCH's specialty Adult or Children's Behavioral Health programs.

To schedule with BMed consultants, patients must first be a patient of CVCH and their Primary Care Provider must make the referral. This service was designed to support both the Primary Care Providers and the CVCH patients, so outside referrals are not accepted.