Why Work at CVCH

When staff are engaged, they are active participants in creating a workplace culture that really works.

According to a study of 600 healthcare organizations by Sperduto & Associates, CVCH staff are more engaged in their work than 95% of similar organizations across the country. We are proud to have such dedicated staff serving patients, day in and day out.

Andrea Hoey, ARNP
Family Practice at WVC

Thirty years have flown by! I am blessed to have been a part of so much growth and positive change at CVCH. I love working where patients need my skills the most, I have a strong, supportive administration, and I’m a member of a team of coworkers that are trusted to build, innovate and serve. Once I found my home in 1987, I knew where I could plant my roots and grow. 

Dr. Malcolm Butler
Chief Medical Officer

I'm thankful to have married the right person, settled in a rural area, and lived a life serving others. As soon as someone offers me a job which allows me to do more important work in a healthier place with better people, I will take that job. Nobody ever has, and I don't think they ever could.

Dr. Ken Shermer
Wenatchee Medical Director

I have worked at CVCH for two decades for many reasons, but the family atmosphere is a key component for me. We work hard, enjoy each other's company (and yes, sometimes disagree) but at the end of the day, we're a family, and the commitment is to our patients.

Christine Klingel
Director of Pharmacy

CVCH is a great place to work because we truly believe that by taking care of our employees, we take better care of our patients. This people-first commitment is really evident in our growth. We are much larger now, but we have an even more connected feel than we did 15 years ago. We have a culture that just works.

Elizabeth Cantu
Dental Assistant Lead

I love working at CVCH because I'm from this community. It's my opportunity to give back to families that are a lot like mine was growing up. I'm putting my skills and knowledge where it counts— helping people make healthy changes. We make a real impact in patients’ lives every day, and it means a lot to me.

Brant Rasmussen
Lead Facilities Specialist

CVCH is about teamwork. Every job has value that contributes to our success, and our leadership truly cares about the welfare of their employees. The support and love I received when my wife, Martha, passed away was overwhelming. I’m blessed to be a part of CVCH.