CVCH Is A Joint Commission Certified Primary Care Medical Home


Since 2012 CVCH Has Been A Joint Commission Certified Primary Care Medical Home!

That means we offer: Patient centered care, comprehensive care, superb access, coordinated care, and a systems-based approach to quality and safety!

Patient Centered Care:

  • Our mission, vision, and strategic aims are always patient centered
  • We allow patients to take an active & decision-making role in their care
  • We communicate with patients in a manner that meets their needs
  • We ID patient's health literacy needs, & provide education that is consistent with their needs

Our Mission & Vision

Comprehensive Care:

  • We provide a wide scope of services, including dental, medical, behavioral, substance use disorder treatment, chronic disease management, preventative & urgent care. 
  • We provide a team-based approach to patient care

Superb Access To Care:

  • We offer
    • 24-hour nurse hotline 
    • Patient portal 
    • Express care walk-in clinic
    • Electronic appointment reminders 

Coordinated Care:

  • How we Coordinate Your Care 
    • Developing & evaluating treatment plans
    • Making (and tracking) patient referral appointments
    • Reviewing & tracking care provided at referral appointments 
    • Acting on recommendations from referrals for additional care, treatment, or services 
    • Coordinating follow up & care/disease management services 

Systems-Based Approach To Quality & Safety:

  • How we demonstrate compliance
    • Operational & clinical scorecards
    • Patient satisfaction survey
    • Preventative health campaigns 
    • Patient experience team
    • Patient feedback & safety event analysis, trending & reporting 
    • Critical recall systems 

Your Rights

As a CVCH patient you have the right to obtain care from other providers within CVCH. You have the right to seek a second opinion from a different provider within CVCH. And you have the right to seek specialty care. 

Your Responsibilities 

As a CVCH patient you do have a responsibility to provide us with your health history and current medications.