Did you know that you can have a video – or telehealth – appointment with your medical, behavioral health, and substance use disorder provider? We also offer virtual WIC and Member Services appointments as well.



TelehealthWhy consider telehealth? 

TELEHEALTH SAVES TIME: You can meet with your provider from the privacy of your own home or car. You don’t need to find childcare or leave home for the visit.  

TELEHEALTH IS EASY: When you make a telehealth appointment with us, we will email or text you a personal link to your visit. At the time of your appointment, all you have to do is click on that link to be connected.

TELEHEALTH IS SECURE: Your link is personal and unique. It only works for your appointment. When you click on it, you will be able to see and hear your provider, and he or she can see and hear you.

TELEHEALTH IS SAFE: Although nothing can replace a visit with your provider in person, during these difficult times many problems can be addressed by phone or video conference. Many afflictions like rashes, colds, headaches, and bladder infections can be managed remotely. 

Schedule a Telehealth Appointment

Call 509-662-6000 to schedule a telehealth appointment

OR schedule an appointment from your patient portal account


You don’t have a patient portal account? No problem! Sign up today!



Before Your Telehealth Appointment

During Your Telehealth Appointment

  1. Make sure you have a good network connection. Chelan PUD has set up Hotspots. Find out where they are located and drive to one of these locations to conduct your telehealth visit.
  2. Find a private space to have your telehealth visit with your provider.
  3. Five minutes before your appointment, click on the link we sent you.
  4. Type in your name and click on the box to accept the Telehealth Consent. 
  5. Test your device settings to make sure your camera and microphone are not blocked. 
  6. Turn your phone settings to Airplane Mode so personal incoming calls and texts do not interrupt your telehealth visit.
  7. Wait for your provider or a CVCH staff member to join your visit. If your connection drops, you can click on the link again. 

Telehealth Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What tools will I need to have a telehealth appointment?

You will need a computer or device with a webcam, a microphone and an internet or a data plan on your phone or computer to participate in a telehealth visit. 

Desktop web browser requirements: recent version of Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari or Firefox

Mobile web browser requirements: recent version of Google Chrome on android or Safari on iOS

Do I need to download software for a telehealth visit?

Probably not. There is no special software required, but you must be on one of the latest web browsers for the link to work. Prior to your appointment, take a few minutes to perform a DEVICE CHECK.

What if I don’t have my telehealth appointment link?

If you did not receive or lose your personal appointment link, you can call 509-662-6000 or send us a Patient Portal Message to ask us to re-send you the link.

What is the Informed Consent for Telehealth document and do I need to read it before my first appointment?

This document clearly outlines what we can and cannot do as part of our visit. Yes, you do need to read this document before your telehealth appointment.

How do I send you my signed Informed Consent for Telehealth document?

You have three options:


  1. If you are on the Patient Portal on your mobile phone:
    • Find instructions.
  2. If you are on the Patient Portal on your desktop:
    • Click on My Health. Go to Medical Forms and locate Informed Consent for Telehealth on the list.
    • Read the form.
    • At the bottom, click on the box “I have read and understand the terms”, type your name in the box provided, verify the date, select the Patient’s relationship to you and note the reason the patient cannot sign if you are signing for the patient.
    • Click Submit.
  3. If you are not on the Patient Portal and can print the form:
    • Print the form.
    • Read, sign and date it.
    • Scan the form as an image or PDF.
    • Email form to with the subject line “Informed Consent for Telehealth”

Is it okay if I do not read the Informed Consent for Telehealth document before my appointment?

Unfortunately, no. It is really important that you read it. At your first appointment, you will be asked if you have read this document and if you agree to what it outlines. Failure to read this document will result in the canceling of your appointment.

Do I need to be on the Patient Portal to join my telehealth appointment?

No, you don’t need to log into the Patient Portal. We will send you a link via text or email prior to your appointment, and all you need to do is click on the link.

How long will I be in the virtual waiting room?

Your CVCH provider or staff will join the call as soon as they are able. The virtual waiting room will expire after 30 minutes. If it expires before someone joins the visit, you can click on the link again.

Can I have a caretaker, parent, or interpreter in the telehealth appointment?

Yes, other people can join the call. When you schedule the appointment, please let our staff know that you want the link shared with others. Provide their email address or phone number so we can send it to them.