Mobile Connect Services

CVCH is a “patient-centered primary-care health-home.” What that means is that we build everything around you, and strive to provide you access to any health-related services or information that you need. If we don’t offer the services in house, then we will work with you to obtain the services from medical professionals we trust to take good care of you.


Primary Care might be thought of as “foundational care.” Like the foundation of a house, primary care supports and ties together all other elements of your care. We like to say, “our primary product is NOT healthcare; rather, it is a trusting relationship.” Primary Care Providers (PCPs) are experts at relationships, at building trust, at navigating a very complex healthcare system, and at caring about you as a person. Yes we are experts at medicine, and mental health, and dentistry, and pharmacy, and diagnostics, and all of the important parts of modern healthcare. We are also the human face of healthcare. We know you, we coordinate your care, we keep track of any screening or therapy you are due for, we should be able to treat 80%-90% of your healthcare needs, and we know how to refer you to more specialized care for the additional 10%-20% that we cannot provide for you ourselves. We provide primary medical, obstetrical, pediatric, dental, and behavioral care.


It is estimated that 70% of illness is related to our choices and behaviors. (10% is genetics and 20% is related to our environment.) What that means is that in primary care, most of what we are doing is helping people to understand the choices they make (like smoking, or worrying, or watching sports when they could be playing sports) and then helping them to make healthier choices. We also care for many people with brain related diseases (such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder). For all these concerns, we have specialists in behavior, choices, and brain related diseases at most of our sites. Our behaviorists are of multiple types: Psychologists are brain scientists, and experts in diagnosis and non-prescription treatments; Therapists are experts at helping people to understand why they make the choices they make, why they respond to stressors and people in their lives the way they do, and helping them address these challenges in healthier ways. We have therapists who are experts in addiction, in marriage and family, in adult issues and in children’s issues.


Many people don’t understand how important good oral health is to good overall health. Because we do understand that link, we have built Dentistry into our Primary Care Health Home. Like medical care, dental care is divided into primary care and specialty care. We focus on primary care dentistry for the whole family from birth until old age. Dentistry is typically divided into three parts: exams/diagnosis, restoration/surgery, and preventative/hygiene. As part of CVCH Connect, we offer dental exams on select days. If we detect a larger issue through our exam, we will refer you to our dental team for care.