Pre-Doctoral Internship

in Professional Psychology


2018 - 2019 Match Year

Dear Intern Applicant,
Welcome! This page provides some introductory information about the APA-accredited Pre-Doctoral Internship in Clinical Psychology, offered in the Department of Behavioral Medicine at Columbia Valley Community Health (CVCH) in Wenatchee, WA. This pre-doctoral internship program offers an in-depth training experience in clinical and health psychology services at a community health center.  With emphases on support and flexibility, our objective is to refine interns' clinical and scholarly skills so that interns are prepared for work in a variety of settings. To learn more about the program, please review a copy of our current Behavioral Medicine Doctoral Internship Manual


Columbia Valley Community Health is a non-profit Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) providing quality healthcare to families and individuals of all ages, regardless of ability to pay. We offer an array of comprehensive services, including primary care services for patients and families of all ages from prenatal care to geriatrics, behavioral health, outreach, dental, diabetes and nutrition, midwifery, pharmacy, WIC, lab and radiology, and walk-in/urgent care services at multiple sites in our two-county catchment area in North Central Washington State.

In April 2012, CVCH was one of 18 organizations in the country, and the first in the Pacific Northwest, to achieve the Joint Commission’s Primary Care Medical Home certification. The medical home is best described as a model or approach to primary care that is patient-centered, comprehensive, team-based, coordinated, accessible, and focused on quality and safety (as defined by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)).


For over 40 years, CVCH has served the low-income, uninsured, and migrant and seasonal farm worker populations of North Central Washington State as its target population. 


It is the mission of Columbia Valley Community Health to provide access to improved health and wellness with compassion and respect for all.


Patients are referred to Behavioral Medicine Consultants (BMC)/Behavioral Medicine Interns/Post-Doc through Primary Care Provider (PCP) referrals.  The integrated model of care is highly collaborative between medical providers and Behavioral Medicine Consultants.  The interns are considered part of the medical team; they participate in provider meetings and are frequently sought after for their expertise.  Patients with all levels of need are seen on a daily basis and preferably at their time of need.  The Department of Behavioral Medicine was designed to allow PCPs to contact the BMC when a patient issue arises.  This can be a simple meet and greet or helping patients deal with more complex types of issues (new diagnosis, diabetes, asthma, panic, depression, pain, etc.).  The focus is on whatever the patient presents with that is impairing their function or their ability to be compliant with medical recommendations.

Therapy in the Primary Care Setting is generally focused on improved function and includes both short-term work focused on adjustment issues and long-term work with more complex patients with co-morbid mental and/or medical health conditions. Behavioral Medicine Interns work with children, adults, families and groups throughout their training. Pain management is a large focus in our clinic.  Further, many patients are monolingual Spanish speaking.  If the Intern is unable to fluently speak Spanish an interpreter will be provided.  This allows for the opportunity to work with Hispanic patients dealing with a variety of issues such as acculturation, immigration & deportation, migrant work, seasonal work, etc.


Meet Our Behavioral Medicine Team


For details regarding intern training opportunities, please review our Intern Manual. In general, the focus of training is on the following activities and areas of clinical practice:

  • Consultation with medical providers and multidisciplinary functioning
  • Integrative healthcare and specifically, Integrated Primary Care Model
  • Individual, couples, family, and group therapy with individuals of all ages
  • Chronic and acute illness management for a variety of medical and mental health conditions, including chronic pain, diabetes, trauma/PTSD, substance abuse, and dual diagnoses
  • Trauma-informed care and treatment of trauma/PTSD
  • Prevention and population-based interventions
  • Health Psychology
  • Psychopharmacology
  • Crisis management
  • Assessment
  • Cultural diversity
  • Program development and evaluation

    Click here to view the Intern Manual


To apply, please follow the APPIC guidelines of submitting information via the APPIC PORTAL for our training site.  To have your application considered, please send a cover letter and complete AAPI application information.  An invitation to tour the facilities and conduct an onsite interview will be extended to candidates being considered.  If unable to travel, candidates may elect a Skype or phone interview.  The internship runs from July 23, 2018 to July 19, 2019 for 1 full year. The stipend is $29,120 and interns are offered benefits, including 3-weeks of PTO.

REMINDER: All candidates that will be considered must have a Master’s degree in psychology, mental health counseling, social work, marriage and family therapy, or another related field and must be eligible for Master’s level licensure in Washington State as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), Licensed Advanced Social Worker (LASW), Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW), or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). This generally requires 3,000 hours of post-Master’s degree supervised experience or 3 years of full-time work experience. In order to apply with us, you only need to be license-eligible by the time you match with our program. If you match with us, our agency will provide extensive support in obtaining the required licensure.

See the DOH Mental Health Professions website for more details:

PLEASE CONTACT Dr. Breedlove at

We know how tedious and anxiety-provoking the application and interview process is, so allow us to answer your questions or explain the program to you. We will do our best to make this application and interview process as painless as possible.

Thank you for your interest in our internship program. We look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes,
Dominika Breedlove, Psy.D.
Director of Training

Columbia Valley Community Health
600 Orondo Ave., Wenatchee, WA 98801

509-662-6000 Ext. 1073