Our Stories

Throughout this website, you can read about the history and growth of this community health center. We feel that through pictures, videos and quotes from our patients, our staff and our leaders, you may better understand who we are and what we do.


“At CVCH we work as a team. The pod structure utilizes a variety of skills from med clerk, MAs, RNs and providers, to help assist each patient in receiving the individual care that they need.”

Christine Bosa, ARNP, Wenatchee

“One of the things that originally attracted me about CVCH was the autonomy and respect given midlevel providers. Tim Seaman, PA-C, and Andrea Hoey, ARNP have been with CVCH almost since the very beginning, and this has helped the organization develop a culture where mid-levels are afforded maximum autonomy and respect for their experience. CVCH has helped me develop my skills and abilities more than I ever expected. They provided me with an excellent mentor, marketed my services and helped me build a panel, and developed my leadership abilities on several committees. There is no sharp dividing line between physicians and midlevels, and I sometimes feel people seek me for consultation just as much as I seek them. I have several very complicated patients on my panel, and my supervising physician and our medical director always express their confidence in my training and abilities to manage these difficult cases. We have provider meetings twice a month where we learn about best practices and, with midlevels afforded an equal vote as physicians, help determine the future direction of our practice. I can’t think of a better place to be a PA.”

Casey Wyatt, PA-C, East Wenatchee

“I trust our leadership. I appreciate that we continue to be an organization that nourishes input, innovation, creativity and places importance on every individual within our organization. I appreciate that we continue to be forward thinking, forward moving, intelligent, creative, innovative and thoughtful as we assess our ability to provide evidence based, compassionate, cost effective care to the individuals we serve.  I appreciate the smiles and happy, encouraging, earnest hearts of the employees I serve with.”

Aura Sanderson, PA-C, Chelan

"I am often asked why I have chosen to spend my career at CVCH, and I always reply “as soon as someone can find more important work for me to do with better people, I will take that job.” CVCH has put a huge amount of thought and resources into the systems that support a provider doing their best work as consistently and safely as possible."

Dr. Malcolm Butler, Chief Medical Officer, Columbia Valley Community Health

"I serve on the board of CVCH because it is the most effective and enthusiastic way I can serve my community in the capacity of a volunteer."

Joanne Hill, Board Member

"I really do enjoy the friendly service at Columbia Valley Community Health. Thank you very much. I tell all my friends to go to CVCH when I can."

Jeannie N.

"I am completely in love with your Express Care Clinic in East Wenatchee! It's close to my house and I've been taken care of thoroughly, kindly and quickly!! I would highly recommend it!"

Lisa, CVCH Patient

"My son needed a physical for a job and was worried he wouldn’t be able to complete the physical in time. He came to Express Care and was able to start his new job on time. Thank you Express Care!"

Express Care Patient 01

"Thank you for being an awesome clinic! There was a cancelation today for my MD and I was able to get right in to see her!"

Alyssa, Patient

"Our visits with our Doctor have been very good. They show lots of concern for what is really helping with my recovery."

Patient 01

"Cristian's smile always gave me strength. I feel blessed for the compassionate people at CVCH and I am so grateful for Helping Hands."

Yolanda, Cristian's mother

"To Helping Hands Committee, Walk-in Clinic Staff, and Dental Staff:
Thank you seems so inadequate to express how grateful I am for all you did for me. I was treated graciously, kindly and with the utmost courtesy. My heartfelt thanks"

Sylvia, Helping Hands Recipient

"The services I have received have been high quality, prompt, friendly and courteous. I am treated with respect every time I visit the Pharmacy. I have no complaints. Staff is always fast and eager to assist and answer all of my concerns about my medications. I thank all the staff personally for this assistance in the service they have provided to me. Thank you."

Jose, Pharmacy

"I liked that everyone was very friendly and helpful. I liked that they were able to answer my questions and that they treat me like a human."

Chelan Patient, February 2015

"I liked that the doctor spoke Spanish so we could understand each other without needing an interpreter. I liked that the doctor explained everything to me."

Chelan Patient, December 2014

"I liked that everybody was friendly and eager to answer my questions. I noticed that it wasn't just to me because when I looked around other people were talking to the receptionist and everyone was really nice."

Chelan Patient 02, December 2014